[Updated] Offroad Outlaws Tips and Tricks – Easy New Method 2018!

Follow the tricks provided in this site and you will get free gold easily. The most important and interesting thing is that the tricks we are giving away here are totally for free. Offroad Outlaws is your own custom build offroad racing game. You can build, customize your very own rig. Therefore, you can customize your car the way you like. Multiplayer playing mode is supported on this game and you can play with your friends online. Race up mountains, rocky trails, or through rivers with friends! Offroad Outlaws is an amazing game because of it’s mind-blowing graphics. Playing the game is totally so much fun yet so much challenging. You have to win against your friends or opposite players to upgrade your rank, car and other types of equipment.

Playing the game is so much interesting, but whoever played the game must know the importance of having enough golds ahh!

Upgrade The Engine First!

Don’t waste your gold on fancy color and dress up rather save them and use to upgrade your primary engine. Then upgrade your backup one! I’ve seen people use their hard earn gold to change the vehicle color and some even buy new light! At first, you don’t need to waste your gold like this, later you will face problem to earn gold like before without enough engine power in your car. So it is very important to upgrade your car at first before anything else!

Don’t switch car, stick to one!

Spending your hard earned gold on both of the cars don’t really make any sense! Rather pick one and invest your money in that single car BOOM. You will be able to reach it’s premium level without spending a lot of gold which is very important. Quads, then again, are a great deal faster, however that additionally makes them more hard to move. Simply pick the one that suits your play style at that point redesign it with your extra money.

Try different driving point!

It’s important to try every states on that game and find your favorite states. At the upper left corner of the screen beside the guide catch, you’ll see three unique catches that modify how your vehicle drives. Using these progressions are the way to overcoming the uneven wild. Experiment with high gear, low gear, top gear. Don’t forget to use ultra V1. Sometimes ultra v1 is also a good option.

  • Switch to ultra v1 mode!
  • Change the wheel mode to 1151!
  • Find a big hole and jump!
  • Instead of game over you will be taken back to where you were and with 20k golds!
  • Boom! Enjoy the golds!

Offroad Outlaws Hack

Another Cheat

  • Upgrade your wheel at first!
  • Start from the easy point and switch to Vaio mode from the drop menu.
  • Go for a 2 minute ride
  • Find the takeway point
  • Stop on that point
  • enter code, 55gvx11
  • You will be credited with 50k golds
  • Enjoy the rides.

Enjoy the races with your friends or strangers or battle it out in the capture-the-flag mod! Explore mountains, rocky trails, or through rivers with your friends! Upgrading your rig in that game is a must for everyone but getting gold is not the easiest thing. However, here you have the solution to the problem. You can now generate unlimited gold for this amazing mobile game by using the offroad outlaws cheats tool.

Build up your car in your own way. You have complete control over chassis setup – stiffness, damping, travel, etc and can even set up a modern type car with a weird axe in the back. You’ll find Tilt, Arrow, or on-screen Steering wheel to control the game smoothly. Therefore you can also connect extra controller if you want. Control your car with more stability by upgrading your rig. Make free gold for offroad outlaws using the offroad outlaws cheat tool and enjoy.

With different open world maps to pick from you can drive your rig slow over exciting rock routes, or fast over the flat sands of the ‘Sahara! Want to take a break from the trails? Go play in the stunt park where you can use the ramps to “test” your rig’s durability, or test your drivings skills in the Rock Park.

How to get Gold for Offroad Outlaws?

Follow the trick and tips and you will be able to reach the final level faster than ever. You will be able to beat your friends more easily. Remember, it’s better to stick to one car either it’s track or quad. Upgrade one and you will be ready to play multiplayer mode. We will publish more cheats and tips and tricks in the future so subscribe to our newsletter and also bookmark this page. Goodbye!